Entheos Exterior Photo
Entheos Exterior Photo


a different kind of healing arts center

We believe a harmonious atmosphere aids in the promotion of cellular level healing. Stacy Forrest, Founder of Entheos had a dream and goal of helping clients calm and begin to heal before entering their therapy session. Purposeful music, inviting soft lighting, sounds of a waterfall, and warm intentional surroundings are what greet each person as they enter Entheos Health and Wellness Center.

Clients comment on how they experience a sense of peace and balance as they enter our welcoming, relaxing space. It’s not uncommon for our patients to arrive early and enjoy a cup of tea while listening to the soothing sounds of our water feature and tranquil spa music prior to their appointments. Some have said of Entheos Health and Wellness that the healing begins as you enter and continues long after you leave.

Health practitioners at this unique healing center bring years of experience, training and skill offering counseling, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, skin care, massage and more.

Wellness professionals at Entheos are dedicated to optimism in action, realizing we’re able to be naturally attentive and heal more efficiently when our bodies are supported and in alignment. We encourage every day mindful living and are passionate about helping you achive your wellness goals as we tailor holistic services to meet your individual needs.

Serving our Community Since 2010
Our Mission; Helping People Live Life Well