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Casie Hulden

Casie Portrait

A Statement from the Artist:

As the sole artist for Bluebird Studio, I am dedicated to drawing your loved ones. I offer a very special form of healing through photorealistic art. As a healing artist, I provide comfort to those remembering a loved one lost or celebrating a presence still in this world. I create a visual representation of not only an exact likeness of my subjects, but a heart-felt spirit. I choose to specialize in animal drawings because they have a unique spirit that runs so deep it is communicated through their eyes. My customers say the portraits I create bring a gift of happiness and peace.

The Creative Process

Casie's Studio

Artist Biography

Casie Hulden is an Oregon native. She loves living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and their most inspirational pooch, Indiana the Labradoodle. Casie creates portraits for individual clients and institutions. Hospitals, churches, charities and veteinary clinics use Casie's artwork to provide healing for their patrons.